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Acupuncture ,Oriental medicine


Why many foreign people come to Murase acpuncture clinic?
Reasons are…
pulse diagnosis which a few acupuncture therapists can do,w/o inserting acupuncuture needles norimarize 14 acupuncure meridian lines.

Acupuncure Meridian Lines

Acupuncture meridian lines contorol a life energy in a human body.  Murase`s acupuncuture style is based on the ture oriental 

medical theory.

Acupuncture needles


Very thin one-way acupuncture needles.

You feel no pain
Comfortable & gentle Acupuncture therapy

We use copper sticks in order to power up your energy,
only touch  to acupuncture points
mild moxbastion is also soft and very comfortable



Chiropractic is the therapy
to adjust the distortion of the body,which was
 born in America.

Therapist ,Murase studied various kinds of Chiropractic,Osteopathy, 
and Japanese Seitai,Japanese way of chiropractic,for more than  30 years.
Murase mastered American Chiropractic sysutem such as S.O.T ,upper  cervical ,cranal,Gonstead etc.

HIs  way of Chiropractic is  gentle and kind.

murase smilets

acpuncture expert of 35years,and speak English and a little bit of Chinese.
you will be suprised how gentle and effective is our acupuncure ,compared with TCM ,traditinal chainese medicine.


Meridian Therapy – Gentle Japanese Acupuncture

Our style of acupuncture differs from others,such as trigeer points therapy or chinese style acupuncture.We attach importance to increase the energy of life ,known as Chi and leveling imbalances of  acupuncure meridian lines (routes of Chi in body).
Because we believe it is the best way to recover one`s health.

We diagnose a patient disese,using mehods of oriental medicine,and handle a needle so light and superficial that  sometimes, a patient feels nothing.,yet its effect is great because a patient`s life energy increases.

For further information,please use Web site. Key words-meridian,acupuncture,

Or,go to the site ,Toyo Hari Branch in USA  web site.


We use one-way acupuncture needles .And other utensils have been completely sterilized by a autoclave , an ultrasonic washing machine , an antiseptic solution. So,you need not worry about infection,at all.

About  Acupuncure ,Chiropractic Therapist


K.Murase was born in1951in Aichi Pref. and graduated from Doshisha University and Osaka Acupuncture School.
Bachelor of Engineering,Certified Acupuncturist.
The Society for Testing English Proficiency(STEP;or eigo-kentei)Test ,1st Grade.
He participated in various students conferences in his schooldays.,such as Japan America Student Conference(JASC), International Student Conference(ISA)

His career as acupuncturist is about 40years, and he studied various kinds of acupuncture,chiropractic,osteopathy,yoga e.t.c. He was a member of and instructor of Toyo-Hari,and is a member of Japan Acupuncture & Moxibustion Association.

Fee,Place and Time
The first treatment   7,150~7,700YEN ,
after the second treatment  4,950~5500 YEN
84 tonoshiro-cho kuze minami-ku kyoto-city

* Please get off at JR Mukomati-Station (Tokaido Line) and it takes 15minutes by foot or 3-4 minutes by taxi.
* Or take a taxi from Kyoto Station,it costs  about 2000YEN.
* The nearest Kyoto-City bus-stop is SHIMO-KUZE.  bus route number 13.
from there, only 2 minutes by foot.

Appointment of Acupuncure  or Chiropractic Therapy
Mon.-Fri.     9~12a.m. / 4:30~8:00 p.m.
Wed and Sat.   9~12 a.m.
TEL & FAX 075-932-1634

E mail

Be sure,to write your phone number.
If,you don’t receive my response within 4days,it’s due to the mail trouble.Please make a phone call or fax.